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The Truth About The Truth

The Truth Is Not Religious

The Truth is not religious. The Truth is neither Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or any other religions. The Truth is simply just that – the Truth. The Truth does not require you to believe in a religion to understand it. The Truth can be understood and applied even by an atheist.

The Truth is larger than religion. The Truth is in fact even larger than science. Neither religion nor science contain the entire Truth. Religion and Science can contain the Truth in varying amounts but neither has the Truth in its entirety. The Truth is simply too big to be housed by the puny attempts of man at knowledge.

The Truth Does Not Pander To Your Emotions

The Truth is not there to appeal to your emotions. The Truth is not there to make you happy. Indeed, the Truth could care less about your happiness. It is what it is and it does not owe it’s allegiance to anyone or anything. If you cannot stomach this then that’s your fault – and still the Truth could care less. Yes, the Truth is entirely impersonal and that is what makes it beautiful.

The Truth is never on anyone’s side – not yours nor your enemies. It is we who decide to either be on the side of Truth or not. Being on the side of Truth makes you right but you are only right so long as you remain on the side of Truth. If you move, don’t think that the Truth moves with you. The Truth is no one’s follower.

The Truth Can Be And Often Is Painful

Sweet lies and bitter Truth goes the saying. Something that hurts you need not be false and something that soothes you need not be true. Indeed, the seeker knows all too well how hurtful the Truth can be. It is this very nature of Truth that challenges us to improve ourselves. If Truth were pleasant and nice, would anyone change?

The Truth is not the same as your faith or beliefs. Beliefs do not become true simply because we have strong faith in them. Indeed they are many Truths which are not believed but they are true nevertheless. There also many lies which are sanctioned by the authorities and believed by billions of people but they remain lies. Truth does not follow the rule of the majority nor does it recognize the power of the authorities. Truth is power by and of itself. As such, the true seeker must be willing to give up his most cherished beliefs when they are proven untrue. He must do this no matter how much it may hurt if he is serious about the Truth.

The Truth Is Everywhere

No one has monopoly on the Truth. No one has copyrighted the Truth. The Truth sets you free because it by itself is free. Only something that is free can free another. The Truth belongs to all. You need not ask of it from anyone. There is no need to beg. You cannot steal the Truth. Nor can you hide it. The Truth will always come out – sooner or later. You may run from the Truth but one day it will catch up with you.
The Truth can be found in all things and in all directions. To say that the Truth is only in this or that is not to know the Truth at all.

No One Owns The Truth

Millions claim that they know the Truth. The Truth is they all lie. The Truth is beyond the comprehension of anyone. No man, women or child has known it. No theologian, philosopher or scientist has seen it in all its glory. What we know or rather what we think we know is but a tiny portion of the Truth. The Truth is so immense that the human mind might not even be built to understand it in its entirety.

No One Will Tell You The Truth

No organization, political, commerce, religion or scientific body will tell you the whole Truth – even if they know it. The Truth has always been suppressed because if it is revealed it will bring about a loss to those who wield power. So if you want to know the Truth, you have to seek it out yourself. You would have to dedicate a good portion of your life to such a quest. The Truth is never found by the lazy. The search for the Truth is not a boot camp that you can accomplish in two weeks during your summer holidays. It is only the diligent seeker that finds the Truth.

The true seeker sacrifices much pleasure and endures much pain and ridicule in his search for the Truth. Yet, the Truth is not all that difficult to find. The inquisitive mind will discover the Truth often hidden in plain sight or it might show itself in the most strangest of ways. A line from a book, a spoken word, a chance observation or simply a dream might be all that one need to find the Truth. However, there are others who spend years meditating in remote mountain ranges and find nothing but loneliness. The search for Truth is not a matter of being secluded. In fact being secluded might be counter productive since we might not be exposed to things that might aid us in our search.

Absolute Truth and Relativism is Dangerous

Absolute Truth is Truth that is regarded to be true regardless of the situation. Absolute Truth is blind to the circumstances and conditions. Absolute Truth demands absolute obedience. Far too many people have died at the hands of men who try to impose rules and laws based on the idea of Absolute Truth.
For any Truth to be useful, it must have context. No act is right all the time. Conversely, no act is wrong all the time. Circumstance and condition changes what is perceived to be right and true. This is sometimes called Relative Truth. Relative Truth can be manipulated to mean that Truth does not exist since everything is relative. This idea is the other opposite extreme of Absolute Truth and is just as dangerous. Hence, one must seek a balanced view of Truth at all times. Nowhere is further from the Truth than the extremes interpretations of it.

You Can Only Discover The Truth After You Discover The Lie.

This is perhaps the most counter-intuitive fact about the Truth. Too many people congregate around too many gurus, teachers and holy men in an effort to learn the Truth. The Truth that is obtained in such surroundings is blind Truth – Truth without context. Such Truths are reduced to principles, rules, mantras and laws to be memorized, followed and obeyed without question. Do this and you will be wasting your time.

The only Truth that is worth possessing is Truth which was obtained through one’s own efforts. The true seeker does not hanker after the mantras, rules and principles of Truth. Instead, he busies himself trying to understand his errors and mistakes. He ponders why the same problems befalls him time and time again. Why is it that nothing works when he has tried everything? Why does he get hurt when he has done nothing but be kind to others? Pondering the enigma behind his own life’s pain and failure the seeker discovers the first Truth about emancipation. That is he has been led to believe in lies. When he discovers what these lies are – when he can put them into words – than and only then will the path to Truth become evident to him.

This way is not for the fainthearted. One needs to have the heart of a warrior to face the falsehoods of one’s life and fight with one’s inner demons. The Truth cannot be found by cowards and that’s the Truth.

A labor of love for the seeker – whoever you are and wherever you may be. May you find solace in these words.

Your brother in spirit

ben gill

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