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Can The Universe Be Created?

Can the universe be created? At first thought this question may seem daunting and impossible to answer but a moments reasoning will reveal that it is not difficult to answer at all. The answer to the question if the universe can be created is an emphatic “Yes”. The fact that we are already living in a universe is ample proof of that.

Yet answering this one question does not satisfy us. In fact it raises even more interesting questions.

Down The Rabbit Hole

The most interesting question that arises from knowing that the universe can actually be created is asking “Can an intelligent being create a universe?”. Now it should be noted here that we are not enquiring if THIS universe was created by an intelligent being. What we ARE asking is that can an intelligent being of sufficient knowledge and technology create ANOTHER universe?
Of course such an intelligent being would first have to know EXACTLY what is required to make a universe and HOW to go about making one. Suppose we entertain the thought that such an intelligent being does exist – what then?

Well for starters it leads us to an even more interesting question that being “Could we be living in one such universe created by some intelligent being?”.

Labyrinth of Possibilities

The above question seems to closely resemble the age old question of intelligent design. Given that there are similarities the above question however differs in one important aspect in that it is asking if the creation of THIS universe could actually have been a deliberate REPRODUCTION of an OLDER universe?

In other words what we are asking “Is this universe the work of an intelligent being living in ANOTHER universe?” How you answer that question reveals very interesting aspects of your believe.

If you were to answer “Yes” to the above question, knowingly or unknowingly you are actually a believer in God but if you answered “No” than knowingly or unknowingly you do not believe in God the Creator. That would make you an atheist. Not that is matters if you’re an atheist or not but it does push you into a corner either way.

If you are an atheist who believed that a universe cannot be created than you would be suggesting that human intelligence – or any intelligence for that matter – would be capable of doing such a thing. Needless to say that is not a very intelligent supposition to make since we are nowhere near understanding the many basic questions regarding creation. Therefore even the most sceptical atheist would have to admit that the creation of a universe by an intelligent being still remains in the realm of possibility.

If you are a theist who believed that a universe cannot be created than you invalidate your beliefs which makes you a theist who is actually is an atheist.

Therefore in the larger scheme of things labelling someone an atheist or theist is rather meaningless and we should not be so preoccupied by such labels even now.

Worlds Without End

The reason for the above statements arise from the fact that ANY intelligent being that creates a universe AUTOMATICALLY become the Creator God of that universe. If we allow for such possibilities than we have to content with a very uncomfortable possibility and that is the Creator God of our universe might actually be an ALIEN because that is what we would call an intelligent being who is not human.

If however we assume that the intelligent being or Creator God that created this universe is human than that rises even more interesting questions because that would mean we too are Gods and therefore would one day be capable of creating our own universe which then leads one to wonder if that is the case could it not be that God Himself was created by ANOTHER GOD? Such creation events could have been going on far longer than we can imagine giving rise to multitudes of universes which are even now being created. This is not unlike the Multiverse Theory in cosmology.

This article has attempted to find the answer to the origin of our universe by asking is it possible for us or some intelligent live form in our universe to be able to create another universe. If the answer to that question is “yes” then might not that answer provide us clues as to the origins of this universe? So we are trying to ask a forward looking question to seek answers to an age old one.

It might be that we are not alone in the universe. It might be the universe is not alone in existence. There may be universes upon universes, worlds without end. For too many people the possibility that this universe might have been created by an intelligent being is not satisfactory. They ask who or what created that intelligent being? In other words if God created this universe then who created God? Here too our forward looking question may provide us with an answer.

If it is possible for universes to be created and they may be countless numbers of them, then the idea and quest to find the origin of it all – or what some like to call the ”uncaused cause” – might be unnecessary and even meaningless. If universes can indeed be created and if we find who or what created our universe than in all intent and purposes, we have arrived at God. Looking further than than might not be necessary or even possible. Even if we did, the answer we find might be so vastly different and counterintuitive that we might not be able to comprehend it. We can of course try.
For centuries humans have been conditioned to believe that there is only ONE universe which was created by ONE God which happen to be the God of OUR religion. This article has attempted to look at the question of the causality of the universe from a different perspective. It has tried to show that the ancient simple world view we have held so long might not be the ONLY possible answer to the story of creation. Creation as it turns out might be a far more different a thing than we have ever dare to imagine.

A labor of love for the seeker – whoever you are and wherever you may be. May you find solace in these words.

Your brother in spirit

ben gill

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