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True Self: Who Am I? A Spiritual Perspective

At some point in our lives we have all asked the question “Who am I?”. A lot of people feel that this is a question of identity – that we are asking “Who am I” culturally. As spiritualists, we believe this is not a question of identity but a question of selfhood – a search for one’s True Self. We ask asking “Who am I” in relation to the larger Universe. It is a spiritual question.

Knowing one’s True Self is important as it provides a basis for making important decisions in life. Without a sense of one’s True Self, we are more prone to be swayed by a multitude of opinions because we lack one about ourselves – who we are and what we stand for.

You cannot change your body but you can change your mind. If that is not power, than what is?

The quest to know one True Self is a very spiritual quest. Scientist say the question “Who am I” is a high cognitive function indicating a high degree of self-awareness. As far as we know, only humans are capable of asking such a question of themselves. As such if you have found yourself ever asking it, you need not be ashamed or afraid for it lies at the core of what being a spiritual being is all about.

Scientists often say that a conscious being is one that has a theory of mind. Spiritualists say a spiritual being is one that has a theory of self. A spiritualist is a person who knows what they are about and what they represent.

You would be forgiven if you think that finding a theory of self is a complicated thing. You’ll be surprise to know it’s not. What’s more surprising is that they are actually only three widely held theories of self. We will describe each in greater detail below. After knowing them, you can decide for yourself, which theory of self you which to adapt as a basis of your True Self.

The Religious Theory of True Self

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In religion, you are given punishment in some form or another for not cleansing your sins.

The religious theory of self is perhaps the most widely held belief about what our True Self. According to this theory we were created by a deity who put a soul or spirit into our bodies and then sent us to earth. Religion also teaches us that almost as soon as we touch the air after birth we are endowed with a sickness called sin. We are then to live out our days to seek redemption or forgiveness from these sins – never mind if you didn’t ask for the sins – they are given to you free of charge. How we live out our lives will determine if the deity forgives us of our sins or punish us. Thus the entire purpose of our self and lives is to please this deity so that he/she/it will not destroy us. So as far as religion is concerned the entire purpose of our self is to be in servitude to our gods. Besides this there is nothing else in human life.

The Science Theory of True Self

According to science there is no such thing as a True Self. Science view humans as nothing more than a collection of flesh and bones. All human actions, thoughts and emotions are the result of chemical and electrical interactions in the body and brain. There is no greater meaning in all of it. No essence. No purpose. Humans are just like animals – simply endowed with the capacity to survive and propagate their species. Human life has no greater purpose or function. It is important to understand that this is so not because science is evil or shallow but because science cannot and does not address questions of values. That is because science is based of empirical data and questions of values are subjective – therefore outside the realm of science. To science how you view yourself is of no consequence – it does not change or alter the nature of your physical reality, although evidence is fast mounting that can force science to change it’s views.

The Spiritual Theory of the True Self

In Spirituality there are three fundamental truths about our True Self. Understanding these fundamental truths will have a deep and lasting effect on how you view yourself and your life. Let’s us look at what these three fundamentals spiritual truths are.

You are Mind

The first fundamental truth is that in the Spiritualist view, our True Self is our Mind. This is different from the religious view of the True Self as being some ghostly apparition called the soul or the spirit that has the same shape as the body. If the person is thin, his soul is also thin. If the person is overweight, his soul will appear likewise.

In contrast, according to spirituality, the Mind has no shape, form, color or creed. The Mind is neither English, Chinese, Indian, African or any other race. The Mind is not Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew or any other creed. The Mind is neither liberal or conservative. The Mind is not male or female even. The Mind is the thinking process – the process of how, why and by which we make decisions, create assumptions and judge all information coming to us through our senses and within our consciousness. That in essence is the core concept of the spiritual True Self.

mind, true self, spiritual
Your mind is the seat of all thoughts and emotion. It is the real you.

Your Mind is the seat of your consciousness. It is through your Mind that you experience life. This moment to moment awareness is your Mind signaling it’s presence. Your Mind is linked to your Brain but your Mind is not the Brain. While sitting in the present your Mind can wonder off into the distant past or imagine a future while all the time your Brain has not moved from the present. You can make travel plans and imagine your destination while all the time your Brain is firmly rooted in your present location.

Your Mind can travel backward and forward in space and time but your brain cannot. Your Mind is immaterial or Spiritual but your Brain is very much a material object.

You Are a Free Agent

true self, free agent, spirituality
You are a free agent – not some puppet manipulated by some higher being.

The second fundamental truth about your True Self is that your Mind is a free agent. What this means is that you are not bound to any god or ideology. Neither are you bound to any culture, norm or way of life. Your god, religion, culture, norm or way of life does not define who you are. You should not let these limiting factors constrict your idea of who you are. As a free agent you are free to explore various and all ideas of selfhood. Choose one that best suits you. When your choice no longer speaks to you or aid you in your life, give it up and adapt a better one. Only in this way will you grow as a person.

In Spirituality we recognize as free agents, we are ultimately responsible for our actions. There is no savior, guru, saint or hero that is going to defend and protect us from our mistakes. As such we take great care in adapting any ideology, theory or concept of selfhood. We want to make sure it benefits us as individuals and cause harm to no one. This is the spiritual way.

Therefore the concept of free agent is not one without responsibility or living carelessly but rather the reverse of it. A spiritualist is a free agent who is fully conscious of his freedom but fully aware of the immense responsibility and risks that comes with it. Thus a spiritualist free agent does not take his freedom lightly. It weighs heavily on him – as it should. A Spiritualist tread this earth carefully. He makes room for his mistakes and give others the benefit of the doubt. However he is not weak. He is firm in his belief and is not easily swayed without good reasoning and logic.

You Are Precious

The human mind is the most powerful organ in the known Universe. There is nothing like the human mind as far as we know. To possess such a Mind is indeed a privilege. Not to honor that privilege is a curse.

Your Mind is powerful. You may not be able to change your body but you can most definitely change your Mind. If that is not power, than what is?

you are precious, love, true self, spiritual
Your are precious and loved.

You are wanted. Your presence in the Universe is not a fluke of nature. You do not exist as some unwanted anomaly of the Universe. You are here because the Universe brought you forth. Do not let the circumstances of your birth define and limit you. The Universe is your true mother and she is limitless.

You are perfect. You are as perfect and whole as the forces that created you would allow. You are not dirty, defiled, unworthy, sinful, fallen, weak, unfit and anything else that you use to beat yourself up and deny your true potential. Stop believing in those things that do not honor the wonderful creature that you are. You are beautiful. You are wanted. You are potential. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

See, appreciate and believe in your own self-worth because if you don’t, no one else will. See the potential in your Mind. Work on it tirelessly. Remain calm, dedicated and humble. If this you do, you can rest assured your tomorrows will be better than your todays.

The ancient mystics say that you are the spark of God. That in you lie the Universe. That God manifest himself through you so he may experience life. They speak of a God that lives in your joy and your pain. A God that does not judge or condemn. For what you go through, It goes through as well. Your life is It’s life. You are It and It is you. Between you and It there is actually no difference. Not many believe in such a God and perhaps that is their loss.

Choose Your Mind. Mind Your Choice

Staying in a state of uncertainty is staying lost. It does not benefit you and it pains your loved ones to see you wonder about aimlessly through life. Seek to know yourself. Learn what you are. Grow as a person. Our bodies stop growing during our teens but our Mind can keep on growing till it’s last day on earth. See yourself as what you have always been – a Mind inside a body – not a body with a Mind. Change your outlook and your life’s outlook will change. Learn more by understanding what is spirituality.

A labor of love for the seeker – whoever you are and wherever you may be. May you find solace in these words.

Your brother in spirit

ben gill

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