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Spiritual God – Your Ideal and Inner Guide

The Spiritual God is a different God from the God of religions. Read to find out what It is and how It can help you along the spiritual path.

For many who seek to live a spiritual life, the belief in God often poses an enigma. They are uncertain whether to believe in God. Many are turned off by the Gods in various religions and the beliefs and rituals related to these Gods.

The belief in a Spiritual God is a personal choice. One who believes in God is not better or worse than one who does not.

It is important to note that the belief in God is not necessary to lead a spiritual life – one can be an atheist and still be spiritual. At the same time, it should also be pointed out that the belief in God is not inconsistent with spirituality. Indeed many spiritualists find the belief in God helpful as it aids in visualizing their spiritual values and goals. It provides something for their minds to focus on.

Not all forms or beliefs in God however, are consistent with the spiritual path. In fact most of the beliefs in God are not. The spiritualists have an entirely different vision of God. Theirs is a Spiritual God – a concept vastly different than anything found in any religion. As an introduction, below are listed some of the more important aspects of the Spiritual God that all who travel on the spiritual path should know about.

The Spiritual God does not want anything from you

You do not owe any debt to God. God demands nothing from you. God only wants what you want for yourself. If you know your true nature, there is no doubt you would want what is good not only for yourself but for others too. However, God does not impose the good on you. You are free to choose for God has made you a free agent – one that is free to learn and make mistakes. God does not punish you for making bad choices. Bad choices are their own punishments. God does not demand that you believe in It. God is not weak or needy in that It requires your faith. Seek and learn and as you grow you will begin to believe – not because you owe it to God but because you owe it to yourself.

The Spiritual God does not demand allegiance.

God does not demand you die or kill in its name. God can defend Itself if and when It feels It needs to. God does not need you to protect It. It is well capable of doing that Itself. What can a puny pathetic creature such as man do to safeguard God? God is in no danger – never has been and never will be.

The Spiritual God is not insecure.

God is The Truth. Nothing can destroy God. God is indestructible. No amount of lies can diminish the Truth. All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle. Darkness is no danger to light. Lies and deceit pose no threat to God. God is aloft, nothing can touch It. So do not fear for God. Fear only for yourself.

The Spiritual God cannot be hurt.

God is The Truth. There is nothing but Truth. Besides Truth nothing else exists. Even deceit and lies owe their existence to The Truth. The Truth does not belong to anyone. It is not a man-made construct. It was before time and it will be when time is no more. The Truth that is God is beyond space time. It cannot be reduced or increased by anyone or anything. It is in and of Itself, complete and never completely knowable.

The Spiritual God has no malice. Spiritual God is love and acceptance.

God hates no one. It vilifies nothing. All that is, is but a manifestation of It. All is It. It is All. God is the parent of everything. How can a parent have anything but love for Its child? Whoever you are, whatever is it you may have done, know that God accepts you. You are part of It. It is part of you. Between It and you there never was a separation and there never will be. God is but a thought away from you. Cultivate your Inner Life and you will see It has always been by your side.

The Spiritual God does not manage your life.

God does not control your life. It does not rule over it. You live in a causal dimension – a dimension governed by the laws of cause and effect. These are the laws the Truth of God has put to govern this plane. Learn to respect these laws. Learn of these laws. Master them and they will teach you how to conquer your life and make it what you want. Everything exists and functions according to the laws. If you do no abide by the laws you will face their consequences. From this, there is no escape. God does not protect you from the laws – no matter how much faith you think you have. Life is a game and the game is afoot. It is better you can acquitted to the rules of the game if you intend to win it.

The Spiritual God is not your enemy.

Regardless if you win or lose the game of life – it is never a reflection of how God feels about you. God has always loved and will always love you. Your successes and failures are simply a reflection of how well you have mastered the laws and rules that govern life. They are a testimony of how well you have used the laws to your advantage. Some of us are fast learners, other take more time. Do not let your wealth and success delude you into thinking that God is pleased with you. Likewise do not let your failures and difficulties make you think God is crossed with you. God cares not for such things. Success and failures are the play things of man. God does not play games.

The Spiritual God is beyond narrative.

God is beyond all the stories, tales, legends, anecdotes and histories known to man. God limits are unknowable. God origins are unknowable. That which is told in narratives is not the Spiritual God. The Spiritual God is beyond any narrative. No one can speak for It and It speaks for no one. To know God you must live by Its laws. Learn those laws, master them then you would know what the creator of those laws intended and want. Abandon those laws and no savior, no religion and no amount of faith can save you.

The Spiritual God – A Word of Caution

The belief in a Spiritual God is a personal choice. One who believes in God is not better or worse than one who does not. As such among the spiritual, the belief in God is a non-issue. It is a personal matter, best discussed in a personal capacity. The imposition or condemnation of such a belief goes against the vary tenets of spirituality as such the spiritualist must always guard themselves from ever committing such negative acts. The belief in God can be an ointment to life but it can quickly turn into a poison as well. It is a powerful thing and powerful things must be handled with care.

A labor of love for the seeker – whoever you are and wherever you may be. May you find solace in these words.

Your brother in spirit

ben gill

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