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Spirituality – An Introduction to Spiritual Life

Many yearn to live a deeper life but are often turned off by religion. Spirituality offers an alternative but for too many people, a lack of understanding about what the spiritual life is and how to live as a spiritualist is a real stumbling block. This introduction hopes to provide some clear understanding into this most fascinating subject.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the believe that we are not slaves to our conditioning. Spiritualists assert that humans are much more than the total sum of their parts. What this means is that although our biology and history may shape us, we are capable of transcending their limitations.

What do Spiritualist believe?

Spiritualist believe in the power of ideas and vision. Spiritualist believe an idea can inspire and motivate us to rise above and beyond the circumstances of our conditioning and the limitations of our biology.

Why is it called Spirituality?

An idea is something without form, color, shape or attributes. It is not matter. Yet when an idea comes into contact with the matter of the brain, it can transform and change it. Therefore when the non-matter of ideas affect and change matter of the brain and mind, it is called a spiritual experience of Spirituality.

Is Spirituality a religious thing?

The spiritual life is essentially secular and earth based. Spiritualist do not concerns themselves with questions about the origin of the Universe and its ultimate fate. Those questions are best left to the claims of religion and the science of cosmology. Spirituality is not aligned to any religion nor does it promote the worship of any deity. Spiritualist holds no sacred text, no holy places and no sacrosanct ideology.

What’s the difference between Spirituality, Mysticism and Occultism?

Spirituality, Mysticism and Occultism are three terms that are often used interchangeably and therefore give rise to a great deal of confusion. Very briefly, Mysticism deals with the metaphysical aspects of spiritual belief while occultism deals with the darker aspects of it.

spirituality spiritualist
Through spirituality, the spiritualist seek to see themselves in a new light

Mysticism is concerned with things such as astral projection, the constituents of the astral planes, their structure, hierarchy and functions. Mysticism also deals with the ideas about gods, their history, their families, their politics and their agenda.

Occultism is concerned with mastering the darker spirits and exploiting them for personal gain. Occultists dabble in the world of spells and charms, of ghost, zombies and things of that sort. Occultism use a variety of chemicals and drugs to induce altered states of consciences in which practitioners claim to be able to communicate with dead relatives or the world of the spirit, ghost, demons and even gods.

Spiritualist do not concern themselves with angels or demons. The spiritual path is not concerned about entering heaven or escaping hell. Spirituality is the science of learning, of discovering the depth of our being and of rising up and above our circumstance in life. It is this which the spiritualist regard to be the salvation of the soul. The the spiritual path is about achieving salvation here and now – and not some future time after death. One can be a spiritual person without believing in angels, demons, gods, ghost, heavens and hells. Believe in the metaphysics in not compulsory – although it is also not forbidden – for leading a spiritual life.

What is the Spiritual aim of the individual?

Spirituality is concerned with the creation of a fulfilled, harmonious, graceful and balance life. It is concerned with the mental and emotional health of the individual, the balance between work, life, creative pursuits and individual development. Spirituality promotes the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources. In sort spirituality is about honoring and protecting the dignity of life and the ecosystem which we depend on.

What is the Spiritual vision for humankind?

spiritual path
A deeper knowledge of the self is what the spiritual path is all about.

Spirituality is focused on the perpetual survival and prosperity of our species and planet. Spirituality wants us to develop a vision of ourselves that is far ahead of our time. Only in so doing can we judge and alter our current actions so as to be in accordance with that vision. Actions that defeat our vision should be stopped. Actions that promote our vision should be encouraged. Spirituality wants us to stop thinking about short term pursuits and begin structuring human life and society in order to achieve the grandest and most inspiring vision we can have of ourselves.

Why should I believe in Spirituality?

The world today in at an important crossroad. We utilize the most recent technologies to help us in our daily lives but we are guided by the most ancient and outdated belief systems when making decision for our present and future. If our belief systems do not keep pace with our technologies, the end result would be cataclysmic for both mankind and all life on earth. We need to change our outlook and worldview in light of new information and to be in accordance with our new understanding of ourselves and of the world around us. No doubt there will always be those who want to live in the past but we cannot let them stop us from forging a new future for ourselves and our children.

How can Spirituality benefit me?

spirituality benefit
Remaining centered and focus in the hustle and bustle of daily life is the benefit of spirituality.

In a world where we are more connected to each other than ever via a multitude of gadgets, we are today more disconnected with ourselves and our true nature. Today we no longer understand our emotions, motives and personal agendas. We are slaves to these elements of our emotional makeup and never if ever seldom pay any heed to them. Spirituality aims to change this by making you see that you are the center of your Universe and that you have a duty and responsibility to treat your body, mind, heart and spirit with love, respect and dignity. The self is not just a tool for us to use and exploit. We owe it to ourselves to cultivate and treat it in a respectful and dignified way so that we may enjoy a deeper and more fulfilling life. Spirituality gives you the tools and techniques to do this.

How do Spiritualist worship?

Worship in spirituality is not something confined to a certain place and time. Spiritualist worship through living according to spiritual principles. It is in the day to day event, the moment to moment awareness that a spiritualist lives and practices spirituality. Spiritualist do not regard the public display of piety on a weekend as an effective way to practice their discipline. Instead spiritualists prefer the quiet of solitude or the solace of a fellow seeker to the noise and bustle of a the multitude engage in loud worship. Spirituality is about connecting to one’s higher inner self and seeing that self reflected in others and in all of creation.

Do I need to convert to practice Spirituality?

Conversion is a religious concept. It does not exist in Spirituality. Spirituality holds we are all sentient spirit beings by birth. You need not convert to become a spirit being – that is something you already were the moment you were born. All that is needed now is the learn the ways of Spirituality and incorporate it into your life. You can do this while remaining in whatever religion you are in – or not at all. Both theist and atheist can practices Spirituality to the degree they are comfortable with. Spirituality requires no conformity or standard for anyone to uphold. You and you alone are the master of your spirit.

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A labor of love for the seeker – whoever you are and wherever you may be. May you find solace in these words.

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